Vicariously is not just a podcast but a lifestyle. I don't wish anyone to vicariously live through someone else feeling mediocre or boring compared to others adventures, it's not that at all. But if I can help deliver insider perspectives of various career paths, entrepreneurial ventures and even unique hobbies, wouldn't you be curious? No one is interested in cookie cutter answers or top level conversations, we want the nuts and bolts, the pros and cons, the actual dollar amounts and steps it takes to take control of your life and do what you want to do.


Hear leaders spark new questions and challenge the norms when they share how they left their traditional jobs to become their own boss.


Listen to the paths less traveled, obstacles overcome and struggles each of our entrepreneurs has endured along the way.


Every entrepreneur we sit with dives into stories, insights and techniques to help anyone starting their own venture with a divisive plan for success.


Common objections reside in all new ventures, but our conversations aim to break down those walls and illustrate exact guidelines, tips and confidence boosters in order to be successful.

Adam "Ace" Moyer,
Knockaround Sunglasses

"I think to start the entire thing, it was around $500. Most of that went into paying for the glasses. The paperwork to file, the domain name and some boxes to ship."

Evan Lutz, Hungry Harvest

"Find mentors. Close ones that will give you the time of day. A lot of people like to find high profile mentors, but its not the best idea because they may not have enough time for you early on."

Jon Carder, Empyr and Mogl

"My first motivation was bad. If you are an entrepreneur and you're doing something you love, not for money but a passion project that you really care about, that's a very fortunate position to be in"

James Langley, Resident Brewing

"I'm very analytical. When I look at a restaurant deal I actually have no fear. We've done it so many times, that we've taken the risk out of it. I've built this myself and it is very unique, but here is how we do it..."

Steve Pinkerton, CrossFit Vitality

"We were 70% done with the build and I remember talking to my wife and saying, if I could unwind this whole thing I'd do it. If you could unwind it and get all the money back and go back to where we started, I'd do it. I was over it"

Danny Robinson,
Hoop Tea & Backshore Brewing Co.

"One thing any entrepreneur will tell you is that you never feel established. You're always seeing bigger shiny things and chasing it, whether that's a fault or not. As an entrepreneur you're  never on solid ground"

Stevie Bear,
Make It Modular

"I had so many accidents. I was in the emergency room 6 times in 8 weeks. The last time I went in I had cut off one of my toes. My wife caught me trying to tape it back on because I just didn't want to go back again"

Rick Chapman,
Proffesional Photographer

"Decide what your are and be that. Not gonna be. What you are. Claim it already and then be that. You backfill it.

Luke Wiatt Gilbert

The voice, the face and the developer of Vicariously, Luke has the luxury of traveling the globe to sit with unique entrepreneurs and hear their stories first hand. Fed up with the corporate monotony, he started this venture to shine light on the process of pivoting ones life to find happiness in your personal and professional careers. He and his interviewees seem to have it figured out -- don't settle, pursuing your passion is the only way to feel fulfilled.

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JoDell Playmaker

Like most of the entrepreneurs on the show have mentioned, every startup business is just better when two people are on the same page and can work together cohesively. JoDell Playmaker Music is it's own entrepreneurial venture in itself, but he is the brains, the talent and the audio/visual /editing magician behind the scenes to effectively launch the Vicariously Podcast week after week. If you have any additional gigs, questions, music, editing or straight up expert advice you need help on, do not hesitate to ask.

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