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New Years Restitution

It's the first of the year and we all know what that means. Actually, it means completely different things to everyone. For most, including myself, it brings a plethora of reflections that then leads to expectations, regrets, reflections, excitement, anxiety and the list goes on. Where I sit today though, is in a hotel room in Baltimore, with my laptop, my new business cards, somewhat of a plan and a moderate hangover. The turn of the year for me has always symbolized an epic reset button. Relationships, jobs, house, friends, financials, toys... everything gets put on the chopping block this time of year and my actual New Years Eve throw-down is generally monumental. I put a TON of value on that one night and the following day to catapult me into the upcoming year. I also spend much of the last three months of the year organizing, plotting and manipulating all the details of either no moves or extensive moves so that come Jan one, I'm full swing into my new venture. To put this into perspective and give a quick snapshot looking back over the years, just in the last ten years, I've changed four jobs at this time, sold two houses, picked up and moved cross country TWICE, broke up with four girlfriends, sold a car, bought two cars, sold an ATV, bought four wave-runners... I'll stop there, you get the point.

So, why am I feeling overwhelmed and unprepared this time around? It's different. I just left my job at the end of December (sorry, that actually makes five job changes). But I digress... I have decided to start a passion project that has finally come to action because I stopped caring about money, my career path, obeying social norms and most of all, my fear of failure. For 2017, I am going to conduct a podcast series around the country (and most likely, around the world), and share my adventures here on this blog. I don't have a backup plan. I don't have any money coming in. I don't have a big nest egg or rich parents. I don't have anything special to bring to the table that anyone else doesn't have. I just want to commit to it, do it and share it. No expectations. No reservations. No regrets. No better time.

So -- here we go.


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