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Serenity Now

See blog post title. See picture above. Magical, right? Serene, quiet, therapeutic, gorgeous, amazing....correct? Now, what if you're 36 years old, you've lived in California for over twelve years, you're single with no kids and you're living back home with your parents under the same roof sharing every meal together and sleeping across the hall from them in their open bedroom door policy because it helps the heat flow? Still serene, peaceful and stress free? Not exactly. I love my parents to the moon and back and cannot fathom not having them around. Period.

However, we are almost two weeks into me being on the east coast under their roof, their rules and no vehicle for escape. Last night I did borrow the family Prius though and headed into town. It was magical. I went to the Cambridge, Md. Super Walmart. I challenge anyone reading this to tell me a better people-watching location! The Ocean City, Md. boardwalk is a solid contender, and I'm guessing middle-America Dollar Tree locations are probably front runners as well. I didn't buy a thing while I was there, but managed to log an hour strolling the aisles. I'm glad I didn't wear headphones because I would have missed out on the mother of five who stopped the kids and her husband in their tracks and went on a 9:07 second tirade about how ungrateful they were and how they needed to stop complaining to her about everything. Yes, I timed it, and yes, I lingered closer so I could hear every word. She was spot on and brought up very valid points. She certainly had the whole group in the palm of her hand. I imagine she had their attention for at least and hour or two later that night.

Anyways, today is the last day I am here before heading to Delaware and then back home to California. My biggest conundrum right now is my means of transportation. I am in the middle of selling my cars and buying something that I can travel around in, sleep in when needed, and conduct podcast interviews when needed. Thats a weird car/truck/suv/van/camper/bus combo, I know. Once I find this unicorn, I'll gut it, personalize it and set out. Until then, I'm piecing this project together via hotels and airplanes which is definitely more fun, but hugely unrealistic on my income of zero dollars and zero cents. No, sorry, scratch that...I have been getting "two sense" from my Dad and "two sense" from my Mom about this venture everyday, so that is adding up.

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